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Five essential features of a luxury home

What defines a luxury home? While size and location are most certainly weighted factors, it’s really the home’s design and amenities that define its luxury. It’s the customised features, opulent furnishings and lavish details that allow the homeowner to maximise their lives within the walls of their abode. 

If you’re looking for a luxury home builder in Adelaide, we would love to assist you.

Luxury Alfresco Adelaide
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From concept to creation, Alan Sheppard creates homes that showcase your identity and become an extension of you. With innovative designs you can trust, construction you can rely on and beauty you can revel in, Alan Sheppard will create a dream home that you’ll love for years to come.

Here are our top five essential features of a luxury home.

From luxurious bathrooms to spacious outdoor living areas, Butler’s pantries to home wine cellars, we’ve custom-built luxurious spaces for our clients that accommodate their unique lifestyles. With over 40 years of experience, you can trust us for design recommendations and building advice. We have been proud members of both the Master Builders Association South Australian chapter and Housing Industry Association (HIA) associations for many years.

Luxury bathrooms

Bathrooms are considered the sanctuary of a home. It’s a place to unwind after a long day, to destress and to switch off. A place where you can enjoy alone time and reflect on the day ahead, or the day that’s passed. A bathroom is where you begin and end each day, so it’s important that its design creates the right ambience. So, what are the defining elements of a luxury bathroom?

Luxury Bathroom Adelaide
Luxury Stone Bathroom Adelaide


And lots of it. A spacious bathroom is a luxurious one. Your bathroom should be more than just a place to bathe. It’s a place to lounge and enjoy time to yourself. Some of the bathrooms we have designed have included fireplaces and lounge areas to enhance the relaxation experience.

Luxurious finishes and high-quality materials

Finishes and materials play a key role in bathroom design. Copper, brass and rose gold finishes, for instance, are currently trending for luxury bathrooms. And remember, quality equals luxury. Our design team source only the best and finest materials for our projects. Materials that not only look exquisite but that stand the test of time. 

Design and lighting

Perhaps the most important element of a luxurious bathroom is the design itself. Careful and innovative design can transform a pokey bathroom into a palatial one. An abundance of natural light creates the illusion of space and has a relaxing effect on the mind and body. We often recommend solutions that allow more light into the room, creating an airy and calming atmosphere.

Alan Sheppard is a luxury home builder in Adelaide with over 40 years of experience in luxury home builds. From concept to design, we will create a home that you’ve only ever dreamed of.

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Kitchen with a Butler’s pantry

Is there anything more charming than a Butler’s pantry? A kitchen with a Butler’s pantry is an absolute must for homeowners who have the space to accommodate one. A Butler’s pantry is essentially a small kitchen within a kitchen. Often hidden behind a door or wall, your Butler’s pantry provides additional space to prepare food or to store groceries. It can also be used for cleaning up or to store your white goods and appliances.

Pantry size may vary and can be fully customised to your needs. After all, your home’s design should be influenced by your lifestyle. Alan Sheppard’s design and build team spend a great deal of time understanding how you want to live in your space, and design with that in mind. 

Luxury Kitchen Adelaide
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Glass encased wine cellar

Nothing says luxury like a glass-encased wine cellar. It’s the perfect addition to your space and is sure to be the focal point of your home.

A glass-encased wine cellar is a popular alternative to the traditional dark and dingy wine cellar. Not only because they allow you to display your gorgeous selection of wines, but because they have timeless appeal and blend with a broad range of design styles. 

Glass wine cellar
Glass encased wine cellar

Our team can design, craft, build and install a glass encased wine cellar according to your requirements. Not sure what you’re looking for? Allow us to walk you through the process. We know what questions to ask to help you gain clarity on what cellar you’d like for your home.

An Alfresco outdoor entertaining area and pool

No one does outdoor entertaining like Australians. More often than not, outdoor living areas are the pride and joy of the home. Having a unique, well-appointed and functional outdoor area to entertain guests is an essential feature of a luxury home. 

The balancing act of form and function requires an experienced builder to help you create a harmonious area that looks good and works well. It’s important that your outdoor area seamlessly integrates with your indoor area allowing for smooth and fuss-free transitions in and out of the home.

No luxury outdoor entertaining area is complete without a pool. The pool’s design will depend on the space you have available and also how you intend to use it.

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Infinity pools

Infinity pools are the epitome of class and great for homes with a view. Infinity pools blend in seamlessly with their surroundings as they disappear over the edge of your deck or balcony. With no pool wall to block the view, your infinity pool will be the number one spot to enjoy the view.

Cocktail pool

Although small, a cocktail pool is ideal for homeowners who simply need a place where they can take a refreshing dip. On the other hand, if you have kids, a free-form pool is a popular choice for the whole family to enjoy. 

As with any room in the home, our process starts with YOU. It’s important for us to understand how you will use the space. How many people should it accommodate? Do you have pets? Do you have kids? How much time do you plan to spend there? Are you looking for an entertainment area or an area where you can relax and unwind? The answers to these questions will help us determine the optimal design and materials for your space. 

Alan Sheppard is a luxury home builder in Adelaide with over 40 years of experience in luxury home builds. From concept to design, we’ll create a home that you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Home theatre room

Showing guests your home theatre room will surely be the most impressive part of the home tour. A stylish and functional home theatre is more than just another room in the house. It’s a place to escape from the world. A place to get lost in the wonderful world of film or in your favourite Netflix series. Not to mention a great spot to watch the footy with your mates. A home theatre room requires thoughtful design to ensure there is enough space to accommodate seating, storage and audio visual equipment. More importantly, it needs to be designed in a way that enhances the acoustics for an optimal viewing experience.

luxury home theatre room adelaide

Looking for a luxury home builder in Adelaide? Consider Alan Sheppard Constructions. We specialise in luxury home design, assisting our clients with creating their dream home with all the luxury features they deserve.

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